Senior Product Designer (UX/UI)

I am 41. I have 6+ years of experience in UX/UI and over 10 years of experience in web development. My style is innovation, startups, MVPs and artificial intelligence

Renat UX Designer

Broad-minded & Useful design

It may seem like a fantasy to you, but my brain like big data from various fields of science: psychology, brain neurochemistry, physics, biology, medicine, chemistry, and much more. Imagine how this vast knowledge can help me create user-centered product designs based on empathy.

That's why I must cooperate with you

Each person has their characteristics and talents. I am needed by a company that values innovation and non-standard solutions. I can foresee the future - this is an important point when creating a scalable UI kit for a future product


Every year, the smartphone screen is overflowing with events that are difficult to see and click. That's why it's important to create an accessible design for every person.

Web Development

I'm not just an UX/UI designer, I have a lot of experience in web development. That's why it will be easy for your developers to work with me. I have knowledge and principles of building web applications based on modern frameworks: React, Angular, Ionic, Vue, Electron and etc.

Design for OpenAI(GPT-3)

I have experience in creating design for applications based on artificial intelligence, VR, AR. I also have experience in creating services for FinTech.
App for bank

Applications for credit and financial organizations

I participated in teams where mobile applications for financial and credit organizations are created. NFT projects, crypto exchangers, banking application.

Web services and portals for B2B/B2C/O2O

Web services and portals with great functionality: booking systems, CRM, administration systems, automation of business processes from scratch.

YappiX CMS

Startup Projects, Custom CMS, SaaS & PaaS services

I have developed from scratch the design of many products and SaaS systems. Responsibilities included: architecture, visual, animation, database structure, logical triggers, screens for mobile applications, platform screens. And I also independently raised 2 rounds of seed investments.

Apps Based on OpenAI GPT-3

These mobile apps are able to think, offer solutions and communicate on various topics. Revolution in the information technology world.

Spoken App with a delivery service

To create a prototype, I used Adobe XD with voice command support.

Spoken App with Checkout 

To create a prototype, I used Adobe XD with voice command support.


I, like many other over-busy designers, do not have time to draw up my portfolio. I post my work when I have free time. Some works are hidden from view due to the NDA. However, I will able to handle any job

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Как челнинский дизайнер привлек американских инвесторов Опыт Yappix
Беседовала Елена Галеева 10-jan-2022

Тема создания приложений в один клик набирает обороты. Но Ренат Усманов из Татарстана пошел дальше и совместно с американским университетом разрабатывает проект голосового управления сайтом и приложением. Так интернет-услугами смогут пользоваться люди с ОВЗ. Предприниматель рассказал TatCenter, как без профильного образования создал стартап, который с нетерпением ждут американцы.
В Кремниевой долине заинтересовались проектом резидента челнинского бизнес-инкубатора
Татмедиа 08-sep-2020

Челнинские программисты разработали YAPPIX CMS - конструктор нативных мобильных приложений в связке с веб-сайтом, поддержкой AR/VR, который не требует от пользователя знания языков программирования. 


Tosmur, Alva Sitesi,
Alanya, Turkey 07400


Phone: +90 (534) 087 5956
WA: +1 (323) 410 07 20


Please send me ideas, bug reports, suggestions! Any feedback would be appreciated.

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