I am a “UX-T-Shaped” product designer with years of experience in custom software development. I come up with any project in 8 minutes. I can find all the errors of your product; I can find all the ailments and prove that this is an ailment of your design :). Information architecture, invasion design, user-flow, user-journey map, from Lo-fi to Hi-fi prototyping, paper wireframes, storyboards. MVP of products, research, post-launch research, testing hypotheses, mockups in Figma, Adobe XD, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate, and so on.
I know the principles of building web apps, especially UX design. I went from a simple artist through a Full-stack web developer to a Product Designer in startup projects. I have gone from the birth of startups to their collapse. I have developed several products from scratch; in particular, I have my successful one, which covers all technologies – YappiX CMS The mobile app builder and attracted the attention of International Venture Funds and several rounds of investments—participated in the design of Siberian CMS. At the moment, I am helping to launch a project for an AI voice control app for the visually impaired and people with mobility impairments.

Today I completely redefined my purpose in life and moved into UX design headlong. At the same time, I consolidate my knowledge in Google UX courses. I am drawn to helping humanity through devices, saving attention, and benefit for a person accustomed to everything. I struggle with Dark-patterns in marketing. I can and love to work a lot, improve processes, and not just throw around design theories.
– Resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center,
– Recipient of grants from scientific foundations,
– Passed several leading accelerators,
– There are successful projects,
– I know how to work with any team and easily gain trust,
– There are awards and certificates,
Broad-minded. Thinking outside the box
It may seem like a fantasy to you, but my brain like a big data from various fields of science: psychology, brain neurochemistry, physics, biology, medicine, chemistry, and much more. Imagine how this vast body of knowledge can help you create user-centered product designs.
Understand people you design for
The midbrain or mesencephalon is the forward-most portion of the brainstem and is associated with vision, hearing, motor control, sleep and wakefulness, arousal (alertness), and temperature regulation. The name comes from the Greek mesos, “middle”, and enkephalos, “brain”.
A designer who does not study how the brain works and the basis of the biology of human behavior – such a designer plays a guessing game! UI/UX must excite the midbrain and make the user perform the movement according to the prototype scenario. My trick is to hit the target the first time!
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