You’ve put a lot of work and effort into your mobile app designs. As you continue to iterate, you might wonder how you’ll know when you’ll be finished working on a design project. There are some important questions to ask yourself to help you decide whether your designs are complete.

  • Do the designs represent the intended user experience? 
  • Have placeholder text, icons, and imagery been replaced with finalized assets?
  • Are participants or users able to interact with and interpret the designs without external guidance? 
  • Do the designs follow the existing design system? 
  • Do the designs follow common interaction patterns for their respective platforms?
  • Do users have a clear path when something goes wrong? 
  • Is the design accessible?

If you can answer “yes” to all of these questions, then you’re in a good place to consider your designs complete! Your designs should fulfill the scope of the project that was set initially and address the user problem that you set out to solve.

Once your designs are complete, you can hand them off to the engineering team, who will build the final product.

Keep in mind: This doesn’t mean that you’ll never need to make changes or iterate on your designs in the future. As people use the product in the real world, they’ll find flaws or missing features that you can add or improve to make the user experience even better. As you become more experienced in UX design, you’ll feel more and more comfortable knowing when a design is as polished as possible for the next step in the process.

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