Recent Works

Attention! I did all the work all alone. I had to do my own research and develop prototypes and program.

YappiX CMS – The Native App-Builder for creating mobile: iOS/Android applications without coding. N0-code cross-platform like a ready-made solution.

Web service for appointment in any beauty salon, which is determined by geolocation. The software has a multi-flow: for business, for the client and for the master.

Sometimes I paint my own icons or decorate existing ones. This collection participates in YappiX CMS and something got into the Siberian CMS collection

The game of Lotto 5 on 50. It works simply: the user buys a ticket, places bets and waits for a live broadcast. If he wins, he withdraws the money.

Test Tasks

Additional works


Skolkovo membership since 2020

The YappiX company was founded in 2015, but each participant is mature and gained experience along his way, working in various companies, including foreign ones. The path began with the fact that Renat Usmanov became a resident of GAU IT Park with the YappiX CMS project. The project was focused on the development of the first Russian mobile application designer for automated generation of applications for iOS and Android. This year Renat already had experience in developing similar projects; earlier he was actively involved in the development and support of a similar product, Siberian CMS.

New fundrising by The USA Venture Fund 2022 – 2023

Yappix CMS is a native mobile app builder with AR/VR/Voice control support. Specialization in the development of standard and non-standard web projects: web interface design, website development and mobile applications. Last year, the founder of the project, Renat Usmanov, was supposed to meet with representatives of the venture capital fund Runa Capital. But this did not happen due to the limitations of the pandemic. Runa representatives are still waiting for the Tatarstan team to come to America.

Resident of Chelny Business Incubator YAPPIX CMS

One of the successful operating projects of the Chelny Business Incubator is the international IT company YAPPIX CMS. Its author is Renat Usmanov. The company offers the market a wide range of information services. From support of ready-made projects to software proposals. The arsenal of offers from YAPPIX CMS includes website development, development of mobile applications for iOS and Android, software for desktop devices, testing and research of the IT market. Designer of applications YAPPIX CMS (NO CODE)